record completely

With upmesh you have centrally documented all supplementary information. This means that you are always able to provide information on your own supplementary claims or tests.

upmesh claim management
Detect defects on the go

Record subsequent services on site with your smartphone or tablet in order to register them in good time.

assign and track

You communicate deviations from the target directly using App Chat. Identify changes in performance even faster.

Document securely in the cloud

Ensure evidence security and evaluable processes with complete project documentation.


Record supplements

With upmesh you record changes or additions directly on site with our app for iOS & Android. You store all information in a ticket and locate it on the digital blueprint.

Add in addition You can add additional information such as description, trade, photos, documents or the impact on project finances in order to communicate facts more efficiently. 

Record addendum
Communicate addendum in chat


avoid misunderstandings

In the event of changes in the performance of the construction target, the documentation is decisive, e.g.m to realize any claims from supplements. With our real-time chat function vbind the entire project team, whether on the construction site or in the office. Always keep everyone involved in the loop to communicate supplements clearly.

You can add observers to every ticket, who will be informed directly of changes - completely automatically. 


Create reports

We help you with your follow-up management with automatic report templates and smart filter options. Only filter out those tickets from all recorded tickets that you want to show in the PDF report. 

With the help of our report designer, you can create formatted reports with all relevant content for your supplements. You can then send the reports to the respective recipients with just a few clicks.

Create addendum report with upmesh

Simplify your claims management today.

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