Plan management,
always up to date.

Is this plan current? With upmesh, everyone involved in the project only ever has access to the latest plan status. In this way you avoid misunderstandings before they arise.

Plan management on the web
Always current plans

Always up to date

You can also manage your digital plans on the go. Our approval process ensures that the plans are up to date.

Use plans offline

Centrally available

Whether mobile or in the office, everyone involved in the project has access to the necessary plans - even without an active Internet connection.

Document securely in the cloud

Document securely

Keep track of things. You can track changes precisely even if there are several plan versions.


Manage plans easily

With upmesh you always have your plan management up to date. Upload the PDF plans on the web or via our app for iOS and Android. Our smart approval process also enables you to process multi-page PDFs. 

You upload new versions in the plan management. The existing tickets are automatically transferred with all attached photos, comments and files.

Plan approval process upmesh
Communicate new plan version


Communicate new plan statuses

New plan status? No problem, from now on everyone involved in the project will work with the current plan version - whether on the web or on the move with smartphone and tablet. Even if the internet connection is poor, you can quickly and easily access information thanks to the offline availability of the plans. 

Version control gives you access to changes in the individual versions throughout the entire course of the project. 


Locate tasks

The digital plans serve as a communication medium between you and those involved in the project. Add tickets for tasks, comments or need for clarification with just one click. Additional information such as responsibilities, photos or files will help your team to do them more efficiently.

At the end of the project you have the option of exporting all project data including plans as a ZIP file. 

Zip export project data

Simplify your plan management today.

Our solutions for your processes

Control tasks with upmesh

Task management

Record, allocate and check. Always have an overview of all project tasks.

Snag management

Snag management

Record, track and report defects directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Create and manage supplements

Claim management

Document supplements directly on the digital plan with all the information.

Reporting with upmesh


Organize your project filing and share files with the team.

Our mobile apps

At any time. All over.

With our apps for iOS and Android you always have access to all project data. No matter where you are. Even without an internet connection.

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