Construction diary
now digital

With upmesh you can now easily document your projects every day. Record performance, document the weather or record special incidents - everything is conclusively secure via the app.

Digital construction diary
Detect defects on the go

Capture completely

Whether mobile via smartphone & tablet or in the office - you always have all the information with you in the construction diary.

assign and track

Communicate directly

You send the finished daily report including attachments directly to the addressed recipients via the app.

Document securely in the cloud

Document securely

Whether presence or work carried out - document the day's events directly on site or in the office.

Simple & intuitive

Record daily events

With upmesh, the time-consuming task of keeping the construction diary becomes a quick and easy daily task. Easily document the weather conditions (even during the day), your own employees or subcontractors present, including the services provided and special incidents.

Fulfill your documentation obligation and also record defects, damage and disabilities with photos, which you can use as evidence in the event of a dispute.

Create daily construction report
Simply send the daily construction report

Always networked

Involve everyone

You can freely define the recipient list for sending the daily report. You can send the reports to both already registered project participants and freely definable e-mail recipients.

Our cloud-based project platform saves the shipping history. This means that you always know who you have sent which report to whom.

Send directly

Save time and money

Bye bye handwritten notes or in Word or Excel authored construction diaries. With upmesh you can digitize your reporting in next to no time, without double entries. Above all, this saves money and nerves, leaving more time for important project tasks.

Whether on-site or in the office - you always have all project data to hand. In the team, all authorized persons have access to the daily reports and can provide information at any time.

Reporting daily construction report

Creating a daily construction report via the app saves time and money.

Our solutions for your processes

Always current plans

Plan management

Manage all plans and versions centrally and available everywhere.

Snag management

Snag management

Record, track and report defects directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Create and manage supplements

Claim management

Document supplements directly on the digital plan with all the information.

Reporting with upmesh


Organize your project filing and share files with the team.

Control tasks with upmesh

Task management

Record, allocate and check. Always have an overview of all project tasks.

Our mobile apps

At any time. All over.

With our apps for iOS and Android you always have access to all project data. No matter where you are. Even without an internet connection.

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