Defect management,
without Excel lists.

With upmesh you digitize your defect management process. From now on you can record defects on-site and share them directly with other project participants - without any double entries and rework.

Detect defects on the go

No more annoying Excel lists and unsorted photo collections. Record new defects on site with your smartphone or tablet.

assign and track

Assign tasks to your team or subcontractors and transparently track progress.

Document securely in the cloud

Ensure evidence security and evaluable processes with complete project documentation.

Simple and intuitive

Record construction defects

Switch to digital defect detection and forget about inspections in which you were on the move with heavy files, printed plans and digital cameras.
With the practical upmesh app for iOS & Android, you can easily record construction defects. Add additional information such as description, trade, due date, photos and documents to communicate facts more efficiently - even without an active internet connection. 

Record deficiency and add a photo
Communication in the event of defects

Efficient collaboration

Communicate directly

With upmesh you can define exactly who has to do what and when, in order to accelerate construction processes. Simply assign the defects created for this to a team member or subcontractor for processing and add a due date.
Don't waste valuable time with the free upmesh account for subcontractors. Both sides communicate inquiries or status changes directly mit messages, photos or documents inside the ticket.

React fast

Taxes & reports

Our Kanban Board gives you a quick overview of the current project status. You can see immediately which tasks require your attention based on your status. Overdue defects are highlighted in color.

At the push of a button, you can create meaningful reports that contain all relevant information such as descriptions, photos, plan details and the complete communication process. With our report tool you can also define all content and the layout yourself.

Defect management reporting

No more mess of paper.

Work digitally - with upmesh.

Get started with upmesh in just 3 easy steps

Create a free account

Create a free account

Upload plans and invite members

Upload plans and invite members

Download the app and start working mobile

Download the app and start working mobile