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WORK SMARTER. With this guiding principle, we are countering the decades of weak productivity in the construction industry. We know from our own experience how much valuable time is lost through unnecessary paperwork and incomplete information. In many places in the projects there is a lack of the necessary transparency and communication between the various parties involved.

Digitization now offers the opportunity to use existing know-how and new technologies in order to sustainably increase productivity through efficient business processes. This is achieved on the one hand through the targeted use of software, and on the other hand by optimizing company and project processes as well as internal data structures.

With upmesh, we combine many years of industry knowledge with requirements from customers in the construction industry. With smart workflows that save time and money, we increase transparency and productivity - for every company and project size.

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Carsten Brockmann

Founder & Sales

Paul Jaeger

Founder & Product Development

Alexander Stein

Founder & Development


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