upmesh for
general contractors

upmesh supports general contractors in digitizing their project processes. From product definition to handover, you connect all those involved via one source of information. With upmesh you always have an eye on the progress.

upmesh for general contractors
Control tasks with upmesh

No more annoying Excel lists and unsorted photo collections. Reduce administrative burden with just one source of information.

assign and track

Invite subcontractors to the project for free and assign them tasks with due dates. Keep track with the project.

Reporting with upmesh

Generate reports for builders or subcontractors with just a few clicks.

Efficient collaboration

Connect teams

Do you have to communicate changes or there are questions about the task? No problem, with our chat function you can discuss all topics directly within the ticket. Thanks to real-time updates, everyone involved gets directly notifed for project activities such as adding files, comments or changes to the ticket. 

Our cloud-based project platform saves all status changes within the tickets securely and transparently. This makes it easier to work with everyone involved in the project.

Communication in the project with upmesh
Manage tasks with upmesh

Full control

Control subcontractors

With upmesh, as a general contractor, you can define exactly who has to complete which task by when, and always keep an eye on the progress. Simply assign the tickets created for this to a subcontractor for processing and add a due date.
With the permanently free upmesh account for subcontractors it has never been easier to collaborate. Both sides communicate inquiries or status changes directly mit messages, photos or documents inside the ticket. In the dashboard you can see an evaluation of the tickets, e.g. according to trades or assigned team members.

Transparent processes

Evaluate & report

Our Kanban Board gives you a quick overview of the current project status. You can see immediately which tasks, based on your status, require your attention. Overdue tickets are highlighted red. The dashboard automatically provides further evaluations as well as an overview of overdue or pending tickets with helpful filter options. 

At the push of a button, you can create powerful reports that contain all relevant information such as descriptions, photos, plan details and the complete communication history. With our report tool you can also define all the content and the layout yourself. 

Evaluation and reporting for general contractors

Start for free. Upgrade anytime.

All ticket functions in upmesh


Improve collaboration with your subcontractors

The coordination of subcontractors means a high expenditure of time and money on a daily basis. Communication plays a major role in this context. With upmesh, as a general contractor, you optimize your processes in the areas of costs, deadlines and quality through automatic workflows and standardization.


Standardize your reports

Integrate ready-made PDF templates into your reports. With upmesh you have the option of embedding PDF forms in your ticket exports. The result is an interactive report that you can edit directly on the construction site using your tablet or smartphone. Thus, for example, protocols can be signed on site.

Defect management reporting

Our solutions for your processes

Always current plans

Plan management

Manage all plans and versions centrally and available everywhere.

Snag management

Snag management

Record, track and report defects directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Create and manage supplements

Claim management

Document supplements directly on the digital plan with all the information.

Control tasks with upmesh

Task management

Record, allocate and check. Always have an overview of all project tasks.

Reporting with upmesh


Organize your project filing and share files with the team.

Our mobile apps

At any time. All over.

With our apps for iOS and Android you always have access to all project data. No matter where you are. Even without an internet connection.

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